Streetbox Artist Agreement

In order to move forward with your Streetbox Art mural, you must complete this agreement.

Here's how:

• Read the information thoroughly

• know your streetbox location/cross streets from the "congrats"packet sent by 11:11

• Download and fill out THIS W9 FORM

• Scroll down and fill out the info.

• Upload your completed W9


Got it?  Great!  You're on your way!

Terms and Conditions of Streetbox Art


This is a legally binding agreement between you ("the artist") and 11:11 A Creative Collective, Inc., a California Non Profit Corporation (“11:11”). Completion and submission of the below form shall serve as your acknowledgement and acceptance of the following terms.


The parties agree as follows:


This is a project produced by 11:11 (  The Artist agrees to mention/tag 11:11 in all promotion of artwork commissioned through this project.  This includes but is not limited to all social media and personal websites.



11:11 and the artist shall agree upon the approved artwork and the respective location where the artwork will be applied prior to beginning any work.


The artist will apply ONLY the approved artwork onto the approved site. No changes shall be made to the artwork or site location without the prior written approval of 11:11.


The artist shall perform all services and provide all materials and/or equipment necessary for the fabrication of the artwork at the site. All services shall be performed in a professional manner and in strict compliance with the terms of this agreement.

Artist shall attend meetings as required by 11:11 to communicate about the Artwork and to ensure appropriate integration and/or installation of the Artwork.


The artist is responsible for all site preparation including cleaning and priming the streetbox.


11:11 will provide the artist with anti-graffiti coating prior to the mural painting.  The artist shall apply this coating according to the directions listed on the can.


Artist shall provide maintenance of the artwork as needed for a period of two (2) years from the date of completion.  Maintenance shall include touch up of artwork in the event of damage to less than 50% of artwork be damaged by graffiti.


Payment Terms:

11:11 will pay the artist $750 for each Streetbox mural painted. 11:11 will pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% ($375) prior to the mural painting. 11:11 will pay the balance amount of $375 within 30 days of completion of the artwork project.  The project shall be deemed completed when:


1.    The Artist shall have provided a written, dated description of all materials and products used in the Artwork including primer type, paint type, coating, and any additional materials.


2.    11:11 shall have verified that the anti-graffiti protective coating has been applied properly. 


3.     Artist shall have submitted to 11:11 before and after, high resolution images of selected utility box(es) and completed paintings.



Artist is, for all purposes, an independent contractor and not an employee, agent or other representative of 11:11.  Artist shall have the right to select the means, manner and method of performing the services described herein and has complete artistic discretion and control over the execution of the Artworks.  Artist understands and agrees that he/she is not authorized to incur any expenses or any liability whatsoever on behalf of the 11:11 and has no authority, expressed or implied, to obligate or make representations on behalf of the 11:11.


11:11 shall assign artist one or more utility boxes at designated sites for application of the agreed upon artwork.  


The Artist shall paint each designated box over a period of 4 days beginning on such days and dates that the Artist and 11:11 shall mutually agree.  All artwork shall be completed within 90 days from the date of submission and acceptance of this Agreement.


​Artist reserves the common-law copyright to all works commissioned by 11:11 that are created by the Artist, including all reproduction rights and the right to claim statutory copyright.  The Artist grants to 11:11 and the City a license to reproduce the work in printed material, on various websites and in social media as 11:11 and the City shall deem appropriate without the prior written approval of Artist for the sole purposes of promoting the installation.  Said license shall be for a term equal in time to the Artist’s copyright or the life of the work, whichever shall be longer.  


​The provisions of this agreement notwithstanding, 11:11 and/or the city including the Council Office, Department of Cultural Affairs or Department of Transportation may remove the work at any time shall it be deemed appropriate.  In as much as the work is intended to be placed on city property, Artist waives all rights to possession of the actual work at any time. 




No changes to this agreement may be made nor be effective unless in writing and agreed upon by both parties.

Upload W9

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