Porter Ranch Streetbox is in partnership with the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council and supported by office of Councilmember John Lee and the Department of Transportation. It is facilitated and administered by 11:11 A Creative Collective.


Support for this program was provided through the City of Los Angeles Arts Development Fee Program, Department of Cultural Affairs.

This project transformed 7 utility boxes into works of art.


Dylan Sanchez

"For as long as we’ve existed, birds have fundamentally been known to represent freedom. The connection to nature can be acknowledged in how we symbolize animals into our own experiences. I wanted to evoke a calming sense of freedom and unity for this piece. When birds migrate together they are heading in the same direction, and together they achieve a goal bigger than themselves; but only together. "
Born in Distrito Federal, Mexico, I immigrated to Los Angeles when I was 4. At 18 I had the opportunity to become a resident when my artwork caught the attention of a high-profile lawyer and he took on my case and I was sent back for 2 years. Upon my return I decided to go back to school and start working.  In the midst of it I took a risk to become a full time freelance artist. Currently I am working on finishing my education and working part-time at a retail office supplies store.



"My design is the name 'Porter Ranch' growing vines and leaves with butterflies flying around it. It is significant to the theme because it shows letters (a prime form of communicating and connecting with others) intertwined and connecting to itself while the butterflies symbolize the changes the world is going through."

Khriff was first introduced to art through graffiti. After graduating from Reseda High School in 1995, he began freelancing as an illustrator and muralist to earn extra money. Since then, Khriff has painted dozens of murals for schools, churches, businesses and private parties around LA County. He has also worked for many companies as an artist, designer, photographer and content creator.



"This design is bold with a simple message of connectivity through acceptance and love for each other. The colors are bright and graphic to deliver the message of unity through love quickly! I chose fresh, modern bright colors, not usually identified with city property."

My name is Katie. I am originally from London. I have lived and worked in Los Angeles for the last 10 years, set decorating and art directing short films, commercials and music videos, as well as painting, creating surface designs and painting public art. 

I am strongly influenced by my English and Sri Lankan roots. I get giddy over obscure flowers, plants and birds, and am fascinated by the parts of life that become ritualistic to us varied beings.  



"The design reflects the dynamic of our human desire for connection. Now that physical interaction is not an option, we are more aware of interspace, the space between two objects. Though physically separated, adopting digital interfaces has allowed us to maintain a sense of connection with others. The flat, graphic style demonstrates how we have created a more positive connection with technology amidst a tragic pandemic."

I am a first generation Peruvian-American, born and raised in Reseda. I received my BA in arts at CSUN and I am a graphic designer and arts teacher at Grover Cleveland Charter High. I worked with students to start Cleveland's first collaborative zine La Mancha and sponsor the Cleveland's Student ArtSpaces L.A organization.



"This piece is dedicated to all the essential workers of the world. No matter if you make $20k sweeping or $300k as a dentist, everyone plays their role in society. You are much like the bumble bee who is essential to the world's ecosystem. The bee is such a small insect, yet its impact on the world is monumental. Thank you for all that you do, busy bee!"

Daisy was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. She is currently enrolled in the the Speech Language Pathology Master's program. She aspires to be a Speech Language Pathologist and assist people with their communicative needs. She enjoys drawing an hiking in her spare time. 



"This design titled "We Are All Connected" explores the ways in which we are connected to each other, our planet, and all living things within it. This artwork aims to invoke optimism in the viewer, and inspire them to think about ways that they can spread love, build connections, and create positive change in their communities."

I am a Los Angeles based artist, muralist, and curator. My work aims to inspire positive change, exploring themes of social justice, spirituality, and personal development. Through a graphic style, bright colors, and common symbolism, I create positive and accessible images with clear messages. As a curator, I aim to build community and provide safe and inclusive platforms for artists to share their work and build their careers.



"This piece is a more literal interpretation of the connection theme. The figures represent members of the community, first responders and a family. A member of the group holds a mask; a mother holds a book for her child. Implicit in these gestures is that, in a time of COVID-19, our best impulses find root in the needs of our communities."

Chiara Merlotti Mott is an artist and designer based in the San Fernando Valley. Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Chiara moves to the U.S. to attend Pepperdine University. After obtaining a Post-Baccalaureate degree in Painting from San Francisco Art Institute, Chiara went on to exhibit her work in a number of group shows in Los Angeles, and she has twice participated in the Valley Artist Studio Tour.

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